Rules Main

Unfortunately, due to actual pandemic situation we had to reformulate some rules of our competition (please see points 24, 25 and 26). 


  1. The competition is open to participants of all nationalities.
  2. Main category comprises participants up to 32 years old.
  3. The age of the participant is considered on the 31st of December 2019.
  4. All the participants must submit a video recording until the 8th of October 2020 (see the topic Pre-selection Round)
  5. A maximum of 40 candidates will be chosen from the pre-selection list
  6. Participants that received lessons from a member of the Jury in the last three years can’t take part in the competition. In the event of any irregularity, the participant won’t be allowed to participate in the competition
  7. First prize winners from previous editions are not eligible to enter the same category in which they won their prize.
  8. The participants going to the semi-final will be offered an amount of 150€ to support accommodation expenses.
  9. The organization/scheduling of the Recitals concerning the prizes are responsibility of the institutions that offer the prize.

Pre-selection Round

     10. The participants must submit together with the application formulary a youtube link (only one) with the video recording.
     11. The recording comprises the following repertoire:
                 o      One Etude by Chopin or Liszt or Rachmaninoff;
                 o      One movement from a classical sonata (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven);
                 o      Work of the participant’s own choice with a maximum of 6 minutes.
     12. The recording shouldn’t be edited: only one stopped camera, where one can see both hands of the pianist.


     13. The application should be done online on the website: www.scecilia-competition.com.
     14. Together with the online form the following documents will be required to attach:
               o   Recent photo;
               o   Curriculum Vitae – maximum 15 lines;
               o   Payment Receipt – attach scan of the check or bank transfer receipt;
               o   Youtube link with video recording.
     15. Application’s deadline/Pre-selection round: 08th of October of 2020.     
     16. The results of the pre-selection round will be published until de 15th of October of 2020 
     17. The candidates that go through this stage can't change their repertoire for the competition
     18. The competition fee should de paid together with the application. The fees for the main category are: 50.00 euros for the pre-selection round + 70.00 euros for the candidates that will continue the competition     
      19. The payment can be done through:
             o     Bank Transfer to IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5121 7990 0016 5, BIC BBPIPTPL / Banco BPI - Balcão Foz - Praça do Império (the name, instrument and category of the participant must figure on description);
             o     Check addressed to CMSM – Curso de Música Silva Monteiro, Lda and mailed to: Curso de Música Silva Monteiro // Comissão de Apoio ao Concurso Sta. Cecília // Rua Guerra Junqueiro, 455 // 4150-389 Porto - PORTUGAL;
             o     Paypal (click here).

     20. Fees will not be returned in case of non-attendance.
     21. In carrying enrolment, competitors are authorizing the use of their image through photography or filming, for the purposes of institutional publicity.
     22. Application will not be accepted if containing incomplete or false data.
     23. Applications will only be validated when all documents are received.

Competition Rounds/Participants

     24. The eliminatory will be done online. The participants must submit one youtube link with the announced repertoire.
     25. The results of the eliminatory will be announced on the 5th November.
     26. To avoid agglomeration of people the order of playing for the semi-finalists will be alphabetical. We will send the schedule after the results are announced.
     27. The repertoire should be played by memory.
     28. The final round will be accompanied by orchestra.

All matters not covered in this regulation will be submitted to consideration by the Organizing Committee of this competition in charge of its analysis and solution.

E-mail: piano@scecilia-competition.com