Main Category


  • Prize Money of 10 000€ (Prize Câmara Municipal do Porto)
  • Recital Ciclo de Recitais (Curso de Música Silva Monteiro/CMP) - Portugal
  • Recital Casa da Música (Porto) - Portugal
  • Recital Casa de Portugal/André Gouveia (Paris) - France
  • Recital given by the Foundation Konzertdirektion Kltun gUG - Germany
  • Recital “Hammerklavier concert series KNS Classical” (Barcelona) - Spain
  • Recital Festival da Primavera 2021, Viseu
  • Recital Câmara Municipal de Portimão 2021
  • 2nd PRIZE

    • Prize Money of 6 000€ - Prize BPI / Fundação "la Caixa"

    3rd PRIZE

    • Prize Money of 3 000€ - Prize Fundação Manuel António da Mota and J.P. Leitão



    1st PRIZE

    • Prize Money of 1000 €
    • Recital Novos Talentos T. M. P. – Porto, Portugal

    2nd PRIZE

    • Prize Money of 750 €

    3rd PRIZE

    • Prize Money of 400 €

    CATEGORY B and C

    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes – Diplom and Trophy

    CATEGORY D and E

    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes – Diplom and Medal

    Special Prizes

    • International Agency Prize will be awarded to the laureates chosen by the artistic director of KNS Classical to integrate the KNS Agency Emergence Artists.
    • Best Portuguese Júnior B Prize – Recital Paços da Cultura – São João da Madeira, Portugal
    • Special Prize – Concert with Philharmonic Portuguese Orchestra for season 2021/22
    • Special Prize – Concert with Orchestra in Guimarães for season 2021/22

    NOTE: Attribution of the prize under the 2nd article 12.º of CIRS. Prizes don't involve the temporary or definitive cedence of copyrights.

    The payment of the prize will be done 15 days after the reception of the original receipt fulfilled by the participant.

    All the participants will receive a Diploma of Participation. The prizes may be awarded ex-aequo. In this case the total amount is divided by the number of winners.

    The Awards Ceremony will take place during the FINAL CONCERT. All the laureates must be at the Awards Ceremony otherwise they will not receive the respective diploma and prize.