Albert Mamriev

Prizewinner of many international piano competitions including: «Gina Bachauer», «Vianna Da Motta», «Glasgow», «UNISA»


Albert Mamriev was born in Derbent (Dagestan) and studied piano with his father - Jankel Mamriev, with Prof. Alexander Bakulov (Moscow Central Special Music School) , with Prof. Sergei Dorensky (Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire), and with Prof. Arie Vardi (S. Rubin Music Academy Tel Aviv and Musikhochschule Hannover)


Mr. Mamriev has been a jury member at over a 50 competitions including «UNISA», «Ettore Pozzoli», «Hong Kong», «Kyiv», «Lyon», «Parnassos», «Astana», «Malta», «A. Scriabin», «Cantu», «Spanish Composers», «Campillos», «Arcangelo Speranza», «Valesesia Musica», «Isidor Bajic», «Cesar Franck», «Mozarte», «Leganes», «San Remo», «Gdansk-Baltik»…


His students are prizewinners of many international piano competitions:

«E. Pozzoli» IPC - 2019, 1st Prize,

«A. Scriabin» IPC - 2019, 1st Prize,

«Paris» IPC - 2019, 1st Prize,

«Kyiv» IPC - 2019, 1st Prize,

«Maria Canals» IPC - 2018, 1st Prize,

«Parnassos» IPC - 2018, 1st Prize,

«Cantu» IPC - 2018, 1st Prize,

«Malta» IPC - 2017, 1st Prize,

«Spanish Composers» IPC - 2017, 1st Prize,

«Lyon» IPC - 2017, 1st Prize


Albert Mamriev is a Founder and Artistic Director of:

the International Society «FJKUK» - Hannover,

the «Neue Sterne» International Piano Competition - Wernigerode,

the Festival for Piano and Orchestra «Klavierissimo» - Halberstadt,

the «Young Piano Stars» Piano Competition - Königs Wusterhausen,

the «Music Academy Neue Sterne Hannover»,

the «Hannover-Beethoven» International Music Festivals - Hannover,

the «Menorah» International Music Festivals - Duisburg and Hannover

the Openair Concert Serie « Young Soloists with Orchestra» - Brandenburg

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4150-389 Porto

T. (+351) 22 600 21 50